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Eyelash Extensions

Individual lashes are bonded to your natural lashes by an expert in a new aesthetic treatment known as eyelash extensions. These have a 3- to 4-week lifespan after which the client must return for

re-servicing. The beauty business has been caught by storm by these eyelash extensions. Due to the long-lasting stunning results, it has become quite popular among women.

Our professionally trained lash artists take continuing education classes in the most advanced and modern lash techniques. 

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Russian Volume Full Set

Our most popular service, a full set of Russian Volume eyelash extensions offers approx. 80-100% of natural lash coverage.

Classic Full Eyelash Set

We use flat lashes for our full eyelash extensions classic set. They are much lighter and softer, with better bond and retention.

Lash Extension Touchups

Whether your eyelash extensions were originally applied by us or another lash salon, we offer lash extension touch ups.

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Nail Extensions

At Studio 25, we want to help you get the most out of your experience and enjoy your treatment for up to two weeks.

Under the care of our accustomed, delicate and receptive team, we’ll have you feeling glamorous as soon as you enter Studio 25.


To us, each visitor is an individual, and each treatment is a highly personal affair. We’ll help echo your uniqueness and your stylish personality. Come here as guests, leave as friends.

Upon consultation, we will provide you with some advice regarding how to best maintain your nails before and after aftercare.

Acrylic Full Set

This is the connoisseur of enhancements. The sustainable powder used will leave to feeling glamorous.

Acrylic In-Fills

UV Gel Full Set with Gel Colour

This will remedy your outgrown nails. The treatment fills out the gaps between the acrylic and the cuticles. In order to maintain your nails. They will need to be refilled, reshaped, buffed, and polished every 2 – 3 weeks.

The colour is within the gel, this allows to construct of 3D nail art with the effect of an exquisite manicure. Gorgeous as gloss, long-lasting like diamonds.

Hair Extensions

We offer a full hair extension service to our clients including cutting, styling and colouring. We seamlessly integrate the extensions into your hair and ensure our colour experts match your hair extensions to your natural hair. Our professionals can seamlessly blend the extensions into your natural hair colour or add a balayage or ombre effect to your new hair extensions. Not only are we professional and careful in our application, but we also pride ourselves on helping you take care of your hair extensions once you have left the salon – as it is an investment in your hair.

 We offer high-quality natural extensions guaranteeing natural wave, fullness, lustre and longevity. We use only the best quality human hair and make sure that whatever style you choose, your hair will look naturally yours.

We offer a free consultation to all clients. Sit down with one of our stylists and have them assess your hair to provide advice on the type and amount of hair extensions required to achieve the look you are after. Be sure to discuss how you wear your hair daily and how often you use styling tools.

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